The Rise of Online Games

The rise of the internet has revolutionized the video game industry. Once dominated by big corporations, video games have become more accessible and affordable. Before, the only way to get into these games was to buy a console, which can be expensive. Thanks to the internet, video games are now available to almost anyone with a fast internet connection.

Decree 27

Decree 27 on the Rise of online gaming has brought in a lot of changes to the online game industry. It clarifies licensing procedures, shortened the process of applying for an online game license, and included provisions to suspend online games licenses if they violate their licensing terms. The regulations also require companies to store user information and monitor their users’ playing time. It is also prohibited for companies to offer more than 180 minutes of online gaming time per day to users under the age of 18.

The new laws have also made it harder for game companies to get international recognition. The government wants to protect the national security, prevent false information from spreading, and protect gamers from harmful content. As a result, online game companies have been under surveillance for a few years now.

Circular 60

The rise of online games in China has raised several issues. First, there is the issue of age. People who are under the age of 14 need a guardian’s permission to use the Internet. This requirement was not strictly enforced. Second, Internet cafe owners did not strictly enforce the Circular 60 regulations. Therefore, Circular 60 is no longer an effective tool in managing the industry. Also read

Third, the Chinese government has tried to curtail the growth of online games. In 2018, they enacted Decree 27 to regulate the use of internet games. This policy aims to prevent children from abusing the Internet or promoting violent games. While the Decree was an attempt to calm the society, it has actually been a failure. It has been criticized as an attempt to buy time and has since failed to address the problem.

League of Legends

The rise of League of Legends online games is a story that has captivated millions of people around the world. Originally a spin-off game, the game is now played by millions of players all over the world. The game has been praised for its innovative character designs, accessibility, and innovative take on the genre. This massively multiplayer online game, developed by Riot Games, is a game that appeals to both seasoned MOBA pros and casual gamers alike. Players assume the role of invisible summoners that control a unique champion.

The original idea for League of Legends came from Steve Feak, the creator of the popular Warcraft 3 mod Defence of the Ancients. He had been managing the support base for the game and wanted to expand the concept to standalone MOBA games.

Feak was able to meet with Riot Games, a company that was fond of his mod.

Social digital gaming habits

Recent studies have shown that social digital gaming habits are increasing across all age groups, particularly younger ones. The study examined the influence of COVID19 on computer gaming habits and found that young men were more likely to develop problematic gaming habits. The study also examined the impact of certain sociodemographic and health factors on gaming behaviors.

Among the findings, gamers who play video games for social interaction reported that they have lower self-esteem, less social support, and a preference for solitude. Conversely, those who play games for personal development reported higher levels of self-efficacy and social support.

Government intervention

While the benefits of online games are undeniable, the risks of government intervention in the growth of these games have also been discussed. In Vietnam, for example, the government acknowledged the need to monitor the development of online games, which could lead to the banning of certain games for a period of time.

In South Korea, the government initially regarded the promotion of gaming industries and the problem of internet addiction as independent issues. However, with the growth of online gaming industry and the resulting social problems, the government realized that the two issues were interdependent and needed to be addressed.